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The USB Hall Probe represents a unique approach to magnetic field measurement, replacing traditional gaussmeter/teslameter hardware with a real-time USB software interface that integrates seamlessly with standard PC hardware.

The USB Hall Probe uses Hall Effect sensing to measure magnetic flux densities, while the USB software toolkit replaces traditional gaussmeter display features by providing enhanced graph visualization and data logging support, all in real-time at a high display sampling rate.

The unique USB software functionality is an effective, low-cost alternative to expensive gaussmeter hardware, extending measurement possibilities by supporting both static and dynamic magnetic field measurement tasks.

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Price: $390.00 FOB Anaheim, CA
  • Magnet strength classification
  • Magnetic quality control - supports repeated testing and logging of magnets and magnetic assemblies
  • Magnetic decay testing
  • Measurement of residual, stray and leakage fields
  • Dynamic magnetic measurement scenarios involving stator and rotor magnetic configurations

Key Features

Advanced Display Features - standard numeric digital display and advanced real-time graphical display modes for both Tesla (T) and Gauss (G) scale measurements. Graph visualisation mode supports identification of key points in field such as peak fields. Also supports visual annotation and cursor analysis of key data points, measurement timestamping and field polarity indication.

High Sample Rate - supports unique measurement possibilities, such as dynamic measurements over time (up to 24 hours recording possible), static measurements of different field points in magnetic assemblies, as well as standard one-off measurements. Measurement scenarios are supported by continous and manual sampling modes.

Low cost - No need for expensive gaussmeter/teslameter/voltmeter hardware to measure fields - replaced by easy-to-use USB software toolkit interface.

Flexible Measurement Probe Handle - can be used as a handheld device or as a clamped permanent fixture, supporting most measurement configurations possible with standard transverse and axial probes. The probe is attached to a 2.5m flexible cable, assisting hard to reach measurement areas.

Advanced Data Support - supports exporting and archiving of numeric data and graphs in all key standard formats, including Microsoft Excel (CSV, XLS), HTML, JPG and PNG formats.

No Batteries Required - all power comes from PC via USB port
Part #: GM-3
Price: $390.00/ea.


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