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Magnetic Tubes

High quality magnetic tubes are available for individual design of hopper grates or other magnetic applications. These 1" diameter magnetic tubes can be made with Alnico, Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material, are manufactured to custom length, and sold by the inch. For use with very slow, free-flowing materials such as plastics, foods, cosmetics, grains and minerals. They also feature 1/4" - 20 tapped aluminum end plugs.

Magnetic tubes are designed to remove ferrous metal and tramp iron from free-flowing, very slow moving materials.

This is an example of a custom made hopper grate using magnetic tubes. For use with very slow moving, free-flowing materials.

Send RFQ with specifications, or contact us to discuss your needs. All of these items are made to order.


Drop-in magnetic separator filters, designed for fluid tanks and reservoirs, pull fine particles out of fluids and hold them until the unit can be cleaned and dropped back in. Used in tanks or other containers having low to moderate flows. Direct blast of fluids over unit is not recommended. Please call for a quote. Made to order.

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