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Neodymium (NdFeB) is the most powerful magnet material in the world. Neodymium is classified as an element in the lanthanides section of the Periodic Table. These are the super strong magnets you have heard about that can attract through your hand. Formerly used in industry, these surplus magnets are an incredible value: as little as one fourth the cost of new neodymium magnets. Surface conditions may vary. Please contact us for pricing.

Recommended for adult handling and supervision.


A. Part No. NS40124-28R
Neodymium special shape magnet, .47" thick x .75"W x 1.3"L

B. Part No. NS40124-28RS01
Neodymium Special Shape Magnet with Plastic Coated Cover, (.47"thk x .75"W x 1.3"L)




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