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Magnetic Carabiner Hook
Super strong neodymium magnet assembly with easy-clip carabiner hook has 45 lbs. pull. Use to hang a tool belt or other heavy items to metal walls, beams and cabinets. This powerful hook works well in jobber vans, workshops, auto repair and service stations, or even in the warehouse. 1.125" diameter.

Surplus Magnets



Part No. 07587 - Magnetic Carabiner Hook,
Price: $5.95


Telescoping Pickup/Pointer
Features a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip. Great for retrieving small metal objects such as nails, screws, washers and key rings, but powerful enough to pick up small tools from hard-to-reach locations such as underneath workbenches and between appliances. Doubles as a presentation pointer with a handy pocket clip attached.
Part No. 07568 - Extends to 23", 7 lbs. pull, Price: $4.98

Magnetic Mini Sweeper with Release

This incredibly strong sweeper easily picks up small ferrous metal objects such as shavings or nails that could cause injury or costly tire repairs. Just roll the sweeper over any area to collect metal pieces. The Quick Release mechanism is a simple slide of the handle that drops collected scrap metal into the recycle bin. Ideal for homeowners, mechanics and roofing contractors for quick clean up around the yard, garage, parking lot, workshop or job site. 40" handle retracts to 27" for compact storage, 13" sweeping width. Weighs 3 lbs.

Part No. 07294 - Mini Sweeper with Release, Price: $49.95


Flexible Magnetic Conversion Chart
A handy reference chart for conversion of fractions to decimals in inches and metric units. Measurements shown are in 1/32" increments. Display on metal toolboxes or cabinets near work areas. Measures 5" x 8".

Part No. 07289 - Flexible Magnetic Conversion Chart,
Price: $1.99


Latch Magnet Assembly
Latch magnets can easily secure cabinet doors, or can be used to hold or retrieve metal objects. Each contains a powerful ceramic magnet block.

Part No. 07575 - Latch Magnet, 25 lbs. pull,
Price: $2.99


Heavy Duty Retrieving Magnets
Use to hold and position spray nozzles, hoses, temporary wiring and more. Great for retrieving hand tools and other metal items from waterways. Attach a rope or rod to magnet's eyebolt for retrieving. To allow easy storage in metal toolbox or cabinet, each magnet includes Magnetic ShieldsT to block magnetic strength when not in use.

A. Part No. 07541 - Heavy Duty Retrieving Magnet, lifts up to 100 lbs. Price: $10.95


B. Part No. 07542 - Heavy Duty Retrieving Magnet, lifts up to 150 lbs. Price: $15.00


A. Part No. 07519 - Roll-N-CutT Dispenser with Tape,
Price: $6.99


Roll-N-CutT Dispenser for Magnetic Tape
Allows you to "roll out" the desired length of 1/2" wide magnetic tape and then safely and easily cut the magnet with the press of a lever, all in a one-handed operation. The magnet has a strong, indoor craft adhesive on one side that is protected from exposure by a white, peel-off liner. This allows the user to cut multiple pieces in rapid succession and not worry about the adhesive being exposed until ready to use. Perfect for photographs, crafts, displays, school projects and more.


B. Part No. 07518 - Refill Roll of tape,1/2" x 15 ft., Price: $4.99


Powerful Magnet with Attachment Ring

Screwdriver Magnetizer/Demagnetizer
Quickly and easily magnetize small tools so they attract screws or nuts for easy starting and removing. Insert a screwdriver or nutdriver into the hole, pull it out and it's magnetized! Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, mechanics and electricians.

Part No. 07524 - Magnetizer/Demagnetizer with neodymium power and separate areas for magnetizing and demagnetizing,
Price: $3.29


USB Gaussmeter with Hall Probe / Gauss Meter

The USB Hall Probe represents a unique approach to magnetic field measurement, replacing traditional gaussmeter/teslameter hardware with a real-time USB software interface that integrates seamlessly with standard PC hardware.

The USB Hall Probe uses Hall Effect sensing to measure magnetic flux densities, while the USB software toolkit replaces traditional gaussmeter display features by providing enhanced graph visualization and data logging support, all in real-time at a high display sampling rate. USB software functionality is an effective, low-cost alternative to expensive gaussmeter hardware, extending measurement possibilities by supporting both static and dynamic magnetic field measurement tasks.

Part #: GM-3
Price: $ 390.00 /ea.



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